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  1. grace ann rose
    grace ann rose May 13, 2013 at 11:04 am | | Reply

    what a great book!..don’t ever feel bad that you didn’t say enough or do enough!. when I was going through my treatments the worse thing for me was seeing the fear in my kids eyes. I never took my hat off around my son for first couple of weeks because I knew it would scare him, and when I would be sleeping, sometimes I would catch him checking to make sure I was still breathing, it was heartbreaking, and he was so afraid to talk about it, he would ask me if I was going to die ? my older daughter was at school and struggled under the pressures of worrying about me,even though I assured her daily that I was fine. So any book that helps kids relate and understand cancer is a good book. I am 2 yrs almost cancer free and blessed and hope to never look back,,

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